New Service: The Decalogue to Start-Ups 

    AEQUO ADVOCATS supports entrepreneurship and, therefore, offers young entrepreneurs legal advice taking into account their economic limitations through a new service, The Decalogue to Start-Ups, specially aimed at start-ups. The objective is to adapt to the needs of entrepreneurs, to grow together and to accompany them throughout the process of creating their business.


    The Decalogue to Entrepreneurs includes the following services:

    1)     Protection of the idea through the corresponding administrative steps

    2)     Materialization of the idea through the selection of the appropriate business model for the start-up, according to the business plan and the interests of the client, whether it is at the national level or at the international level.

    3)     Support through the search of funding, including the subscription of the relevant financing agreements through "Business Angels" or access to institutional participatory credits through ENISA.

    4)     Corporate constitution: support in legal, administrative and tax aspects.

    5)     Shareholders agreements: preparation of agreements between partners and/or shareholders.

    6)     National and international taxation.

    7)     Data Protection.

    8)     Preparation and negotiation of all types of commercial contracts (agency, distribution, joint-ventures, etc.)

    9)     Industrial and Intellectual Property Law.

    10)  Support at the beginning of the business execution.


    The legal advice to the entrepreneur is divided into the following phases:

    •  In the first phase, legal assistance to the entrepreneur will consist of providing you with the advice you need to help define the initial business model according to your interests, through the corresponding business plans, as well as the analysis of its viability.
    •  The second phase will consist of all the administrative procedures necessary for the constitution of the start-up, including the presentation of the models to the corresponding bodies, provisional CIF application, registration in the Mercantile Register, compliance with the Data Protection Act, registration of the trade name, etc.
    •  The third phase will consist of a consultancy that depends on the needs of the newly created company. It is mainly designed to keep entrepreneurs up-to-date with regard to the regulations that apply to them and to assist them in its fulfillment for the protection of his business.

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