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    Being aware of the situation of many foundations and associations that lack financial and human resources to stay updated with their daily obligations, AEQUO ADVOCATS offers the possibility of advising them considering their position (adapting their company rules to the current regulations, complying with the rules on data protection, etc.). All this at a price set according to individual circumstances of each case.


    Similarly, we also provide legal advice prior to the constitution of any foundation or association in order to guide them through their process of creation.


    Regarding professional associations and because of the experience AEQUO ADVOCATS has in this sector, we consider it is appropriate to provide this type of entities with a service tailored to the specific needs, either during their process of constitution in compliance with the legal requirements, or the daily keeping of all the issues that arise, among others.


    The following list shows the package of special services offered to Foundations and Professional Associations:


    -          Legal advice to their constitution.

    -          Legal advice during the living period of the association.

    -          Analysis of the compliance with their legal and tax obligations.

    -          Legal advice in the event of dissolution.

    -          Response to punctual or regular consultations that may arise.

    -          Services and / or attention to entities and the members who compose them.

    -          Advice to Management Bodies and its members.

    -          Constitution of corporations along with other entities of the same kind.

    -          Special economic conditions for members, in matters not related to the entity.

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