• AEQUO Specialized Services for Insurance Companies





    • Document management and research department
    • Processing of non-contentious claims department
    • Analysis department


    2.- LEGAL




        • Claim For Damages Of Any Kind
        • Court Orders - Civil Liability (Civil / Criminal)
        • Various Branches - Civil Liability (Civil / Criminal)
        • Work Accidents (Labor / Civil / Criminal)
        • Public Administration Liability
        • Claims For Healthcare Expenses
        • Claims For Unpaid Premium
        • Claims For Courtesy Vehicles
        • Subrogation Actions
        • Legal Assistance To The Insurer
        • Relations Between Insurance Companies, Third Parties And Partners





    AEQUO ADVOCATS is a professional firm of multidisciplinary legal services that may include the processing and management of issues of any kind. It is currently formed by human capital that brings together over 30 professionals including lawyers, economists, labour relations officers, and administrative staff.


    The entire team of AEQUO ADVOCATS is composed of professionals with extensive experience in the legal sector, not only in the exercise of the profession but also in the field of teaching (University of Barcelona, Camilo José Cela University, School of Legal Practice of Barcelona, Judicial School, Etc.)


    Apart from that, our facilities have the precise structure to provide optimal services to clients who, given their business, require professionals specialized in the judicial field in its various forms. For that reason, our teams are clearly differentiated by legal disciplines (CRIMINAL PROCESS / CIVIL PROCESS / ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS / LABOR PROCESS) as well as our administrative staff, who support our management and who is duly familiar with the various processes.


    This specialization has led to a sufficient capacity to adapt to the needs of organizations that require an efficient procedural legal service (TELEFONICA / FECSA - ENDESA / RACC INSURANCE / FREMAP / YELLOW PAGES)




    Thanks to our administrative team, AEQUO ADVOCATS can become an external department fully integrated in the hiring firm. Our specialization in processing claims covers all points that any organization needs to have in their documentary construction.


                            Claims Management


    -          Relationship with assessors and actuaries.

    -          Preliminary analysis of the background and cover checking if necessary.

    •  Damage assessment.
    •  Cause investigation.
    •  Research and investigation the insurance company covering the party responsible for the loss.

    -          Relationship and dealing with third parties and professionals in order to completely pre-constitute all required documentation.

    -          Recommendation and supervision in establishing monitoring protocols that streamline document management between the company, its claims brokers and AEQUO ADVOCATS

    -          Control and gathering of the necessary documentation for accident management in all their aspects without prejudice to the conditions of coverage and interest of the insurer.

    -          Control of prescriptions.


    Claims for Damages


    -          Extrajudicial claims for damages of all kinds.

    -          Control and claims for care costs.

    -          Extrajudicial claim. Subrogation actions.

    -          Extrajudicial claim. Repetition actions.

    -          Extrajudicial claim. Unpaid premiums (for the purposes of subsequent execution in case of legal claim).

    -          Legal supervision of court administration at all times.

  • Accident Analysis / Investigation


    -          Law study of the viability of the claims for damage to third parties.

    -          Calculation of budget reserves including claims for personal / physical damage, taking into account the specific circumstances of the accident.

    -          Monitoring and review – if appropriate – of the expert analyses that were carried out while processing the claim, their improvement for future claims and future incorporation into the judicial process.

    -          Data collection and inclusion of third parties that may corroborate and verify the effectiveness of any claim.





    In relation to our services tailored to the needs of an insurance company, it is worth making a special mention of the jurisdictions highlighted below:


    -          Criminal Jurisdiction


    Since AEQUO ADVOCATS started as law firm providing legal services, its Criminal Department has become one of the main pillars of it, enjoying great prestige both in terms of its customer base as well as in the professional sector.

    Within the specific area of concern that motivates this presentation we have to highlight an extensive experience in:


    -          Criminal proceedings caused by Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH).

    -          Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) processes.

    -          Processes for crimes against the security of workers.

    -          Processes for injuries and harm of any nature.

    -          Scam identification / Fraud Litigation.


    Restlessness and success of the department lies in the control and development of the process from the beginning in order to always foresee any issues that could result from its processing and – in turn – its development, always in the best interest of the client. This much is true in any of its phases: both in the instructional process – with the aim of carrying out all the necessary evidentiary procedures as well as the required assistance to the practice thereof – and in gathering all information deemed necessary for the presentation of a full written accusation that does not leave any doubt about the strategy to follow in the corresponding oral trial.


    This is without prejudice to be available for all types of assistance and not miss any opportunity of defense to the client (resources / events / files / etc.) and of course, without losing the best interest of the organization we represent in that all actions must be in accordance with its guidelines and recommendations previously agreed and notarized.


    -          Civil Jurisdiction




    The civil / commercial department of the office has enough experience to cover the management of any civil claims arising from any kind of a loss:


    -          Civil claims arising from traffic accidents.

    -          Civil claims arising from incidents.

    -          Civil claims arising from fires.

    -          Civil claims arising from professional malpractice.

    -          Civil claims arising from damage caused by a defective end product.

    -          Claims against Public Authorities in those cases where Contentious Administrative Jurisdiction does not apply.

    -          Etc.


    Our team serves both the needs of defense of the insurer and the interests and rights of the insured, either as plaintiffs or as defendants.


    Prior to any type of claims or defense, it is also standard practice in the office to check and verify the evidence that make up the record and directly contact witnesses / experts / insured, etc. from beginning to end in order to obtain more security and certainty in legal strategy methods that apply to the record.






    Aside from being sufficiently empowered as law firm to handle and defend the type of incidents mentioned above, our professional development and specialization has also made us include other claims in civil matters.


    Examples of these type of claims include:


    -          Civil claims for unpaid premiums (subject to prior advice conducted with the entity in order to ensure the viability of the claim)

    -          Civil Claims of care expenses against other insurers.

    -          Action for indemnity against the insurer entity. (Blood Alcohol Content / Non-payment of premium / Etc.)

    §  On this last point it is worth mentioning the need for prior management on behalf of the office (respondent’s location, substantive compliance of requirements to ensure the viability of a claim by indemnity, credit investigation, etc.)


    -          Labor Jurisdiction




    Defense and Management of the interests of institution in claims for workplace accidents.

    -          Administrative Jurisdiction



    AEQUO ADVOCATS also has a widely specialized team in claims against the Government in tort liability understanding that field since its inception:


    -          Claims and administrative proceedings before the Public Administration.

    -          Identification. Private Entity Concessions.

    -          Handling Preliminary Proceeding in order to identify insurance and expressed coverage in Public Administration.

    -          Administrative Litigation filing and process management.

    -          Direct Action before Public Administration insurers.



    -          Consulting in commercial relationships between the insurer and a third party


    The Civil / Commercial Department at AEQUO ADVOCATS has wide experience in providing legal advice in commercial relationships between insurance companies and third parties in the resolution of conflicts that may exist between both of them:


    -          Contractual / Commercial advice

    -          Contractual / Employment advice

    -          Preventive Advice

    -          General Contractual Audit of the entity

    -          Advice and recommendation of commercial protocols or internal regulations governing the between the entity and third party professionals / experts / agents / brokers / etc.

    -          Extrajudicial Resolution of Incidents.

    -          Management and defense of any judicial incident motivated by such relationships.

    -          Etc.


    -          Legal Advice in general


    We understand what was mentioned above is a list of highly specialized services for insurance companies. However, we must not forget that AEQUO ADVOCTAS can offer advice of any kind to its customers in a personalized and individualized manner, thus being able to cope suitably for any company as a platform for legal general advice.





    AEQUO ADVOCATS has currently enough infrastructure and capacity to face and manage processes at any point in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, its headquarters being located in Barcelona and without prejudice to other cooperation agreements that empower us to manage affairs in other regions.



    Note: This professional offer of services proves to be a summarized enumeration especially aimed at institutions and professionals in the insurance sector, this being, among others, one of the specializations of AEQUO ADVOCTATS. For this reason, we invite you to visit our facilities and human capital in order to be able to provide further information and to inform you of other services that our firm provides to its customers.

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