AEQUO CONCURSAL, S.L.P.  has its raison d'être in the need for specialization of Insolvency Administration, as a result of Law 38/2011 of 10th October, Reform of the Insolvency Law 22/2003, which seeks a greater professionalization of the insolvency administrator and powers the legal entity as such insolvency administration in the form of a professional society that integrates a plurality of professionals with training and experience.


    It also integrates a multidisciplinary professional team, formed by lawyers and economists, with extensive dedication and experience in the insolvency field. This multidisciplinary nature provides us with the ability to handle the management of all types of bankruptcy cases with a global view.


    AEQUO CONCURSAL was launched as a complementary division of AEQUO ADVOCATS, a legal services’ firm in all areas of law. In addition, it has the support and collaboration of the fiscal and accounting management divisions through AEQUO GESTIÓN and the economic-financial consulting through AEQUO CONSULTING.


    Specifically, from AEQUO CONCURSAL we provide the following services:


    • Qualification as an Insolvency Practitioner, a legal entity capable of representing companies in bankruptcy.
    • Qualification as Auxiliary Delegates.
    • Support to other professionals in the field of credit communication.
    • Support to other professionals in the possible sale of assets during the liquidation phase.


    For this, we have developed internal processes that ensure the reliability of the data, the transparency of the procedures, as well as meeting deadlines and responding to requirements.

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